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Company Founders

Our principals are Terri Morgan in the United States and Yuzeng Liu in the People's Republic of China. We have affiliates, distributors, and students in Canada, Jamaica, Japan, England, France, the Netherlands, Australia, South Africa, and of course China and the United States. Whether or not we are famous depends on who you ask. We try to keep busy.

Terri Morgan
Terri Morgan (Xing Li)
Prof. Yuzeng Liu
Professor Yuzeng Liu (De Yu)
  • 25 years martial arts study and teaching
  • 30 years published work
  • Shaolin 32nd Generation Disciple
  • Wudang 9th Generation Disciple
  • International champion and judge
  • 25 years business experience
  • Six Sigma certified
  • Microsoft certified (MCTS)
  • Key Languages: English, Chinese
  • More...
  • 50 years martial arts study and teaching
  • 35 years published work
  • Shaolin 31st Generation Disciple
  • Wudang 8th Generation Disciple
  • First Rank International Judge
  • Member of China's Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • 35 years classroom teaching experience
  • Key Languages: Chinese
  • More...

Company Background

Knowing who you are talking with used to be easy. You sat across the table from the person and could see his or her face. Now, you can be sitting halfway around the world from each other, collaborate for months, and never meet the other person. How can you know who is really on the other end of the phone or replying to your emails? It isn't always easy to find information unless you are dealing with a public company. We have posted some informaton to help address basic questions about us.